Young Catholics

The Downside Community of Benedictine Monks are fully committed to enriching the faith and understanding of young Catholic adults.

Evolving from a bible study group established by Dom Anselm in 2015, the number attending talks, Retreats, Discernment Weekends, pilgrimages and pilgrimage walks has grown rapidly.

Additionally, events held at Downside enable young people to experience monastic life, including the Divine Office of prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Retreats offer a break from a world filled with ‘busyness’, and other pressures. Members of the group maintain contact outside of the organised events, helping to build a strong network of committed young Catholics, able to pass on their faith to others and to evangelise. Downside works in particular with Clifton Diocese, to draw together local young Catholics seeking a local support network. 

Anyone, whether living in the UK or not, is able to join the group, simply by contacting the organiser, and asking to be placed on the contact list. There is no joining fee. Current members live in the UK, Eire, France, Italy, Poland, Germany and the US.