Research and Reprographics

Downside Abbey Archives and Library provide photocopying, high resolution scans and most other media from our Reprographics unit.

Please note if you want to reproduce any material from the Abbey’s archives you are required by law to seek written permission from the Trustees. The reproduction of photographs also requires the written permission of the Trustees. For further details please click here.

Facilities are provided for reprographics and other forms of surrogate copying of our collections including photocopying, photography and digitisation. For fragile and vulnerable material, a programme of preparing surrogate copies is possible. Readers should consult the surrogate copies unless they have a valid reason for seeing the original. It is at the discretion of the Keeper and/or his appointee to grant permission for consultation or not. Any item from the Special Collections and Archive will be assessed for its suitability for reprographic and surrogacy by a member of the Monastery Library team.

A photocopier is available in the Archives and the Library for the use of researchers:

Paper Size Price List

Photocopy per page: £0.34

Copy Format


Low resolution scan

(file size up to 12.5mb rgb/4mb greyscale)
Suitable for printed reproduction up to A5 and inkjet output to A4 @300dpi.

Low resolution scan (10 pages or more)

(text only)
(file size up to 12.5mb rgb/4mb greyscale)
Suitable for printed reproduction up to A5 and inkjet output to A4 @300dpi.






£1.50 per image

High resolution scan

(file size up to 50mb rgb/17mb greyscale)
Printed reproduction up to A3 and large size inkjet output @300dpi.


Digital copies of photographs, manuscripts and pre-1800 material in our collections are priced below. Please download a User image agreement on request and send to

Photographic Licence

Researchers wishing to use their own cameras to photograph documents in the Archives and Library may purchase a day licence for £5 (week five day pass for £20) providing the reader completes the Acceptable Use and Copyright particulars.

Paid Research Services

The Downside Abbey Archives and Library team have several professional researchers amongst them with specialisms in Ecclesiastical History, Theology, Genealogy, Local History and the Humanities. We also have specialisms in other areas of local, national and international studies. We provide 20 minutes of time gratis to make an assessment of your research enquiry. After that, we will provide you with a quote as to the amount of time and cost your research enquiry will take. Research services are offered usually on a time-charge basis (typically c. £30 per hour standard rate and £60 per hour business rate). A maximum search time can be stipulated by the reader (e.g. 2 hours).

Image Sales

It is possible to offer a bespoke supply service of high resolution digital images taken from the original records delivered either as uncompressed tiff files on CD, or by email for files of up to 3MB. Prints can also be offered on a scale of charges according to print size, ranging from £7.50 for the smallest print size to in excess of £100.

All Research and Reprographic enquiries should be made to in the first instance.

Pay Fees

Please complete the form below to pay any outstanding research and reprographics fees. Please note you will be redirected to WorldPay to complete the payment.

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