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The monks of Downside Abbey have always been at the forefront of scholarship with interests in Theology, Philosophy, Ecclesiastical History, Patristics and Biblical Exegesis since St Benedict.

Learning is a key element to a monk’s formation and helps them to better understand the Faith. The Downside Review has been published since 1880 when the monks were building their new abbey church and monastery. Since then some of the finest scholars have published in its journal and a series of monastic editors have reflected academic and cultural trends. The Review has had a succession of world-class scholars reflected in Dom David Knowles’ tenure as editor. Knowles went on to be the first Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History (Cambridge) since the Reformation.

In 2016 SAGE publications took the journal under its portfolio. SAGE has offices in London, Delhi and New York and is the world’s fifth largest journal producer. The Review is still under monastic control with three monks on its editorial board with a lay editor. The Review is now peer reviewed and open access, which means that we can attract high-end scholarship from universities and an international audience. The Review has close links with the universities of Bristol, Durham, and York and has an international subscription base, particularly popular in the USA and Australia. 

The Editor is always glad to welcome articles and book reviews submitted for publication, and particularly from representatives of the various monastic traditions. Click here to find out more about submitting an article for review.

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