For many years the archives and library here at Downside has been incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers working hard on our collections. 

Having spent so long working through the mountains of archive boxes and thousands of books, it seemed only logical that the next exhibition in the Abbey Visitor Centre should be created by those who know so much about our material. So, our volunteers are currently working away to create an exhibition on their favourite items. 

One of the most difficult things for many has been which items to choose! Having worked on so many different topics, some volunteers have struggled to narrow their choices down. Yet the exhibition is now taking shape and we have a wide range of material including the Australian adventures of Abbot Ford, the sad stories of some of the Downside OGs who died in the Great War and an Oxford undergraduates account book! 

The exhibition, My Favourite Item, will be live in a few weeks but with all the hard work being put in so far, it seemed right to give a sneak peak at what is coming up. 

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