For three days this week, 4th to 6th of June, Downside will be marking volunteers week, a national event which celebrates the work of those who volunteer across the country. Here at Downside we have laid on events for our volunteers as a special thank you for all their hard work and dedication.

Today, we kicked off the week with a talk by Dom Anselm on three of his favourite books from the monastery library. A Hebraic bible from 1588, a Polyglot bible from 1657 and a more modern text on Hebrew were his selected texts and the volunteers were given a fascinating insight into the importance of these volumes and also the intricacies of translating bibles into Hebrew! 

Also a topic of discussion after the talk was the difficulties the printers would have encountered in having to create plates with so many languages, fonts, sizes and patterns. The talk certainly got our volunteers interested in our section on biblical studies and languages!

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