Volunteers visit Glastonbury Abbey

This week, our Archives and Library volunteers visited Glastonbury Abbey as part of an ongoing partnership.

We enjoyed a tour of the grounds and museum before heading to The George and Pilgrim, a pub across the road from the Abbey previously used to house important guests to the monastery. 

The site of Glastonbury Abbey was a site of religious importance before the Roman period, and developed over time into the largest church in England. Although never home to more than 70 monks, Glastonbury Abbey was a centre of Benedictine importance and entertained members of the royal family including Henry VII. Today, the remains paint a picture of the magnificent prereformation monastery. Thank you to everyone at Glastonbury Abbey for making us so welcome (and for tea and cake!).

Downside Abbey, just 15 miles from Glastonbury Abbey, is a working post-reformation Benedictine Monastery. To book a tour, contact us here.