Downside Abbey possesses an outstanding collection of medieval manuscripts, vestments, and reliquaries of great historic importance. For the first time ever, a ‘pop-up’ exhibition in the Gallery Chapel reveals some of these items for public viewing. 

Voices from the Cloister focuses on monasticism from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries in Western Europe. Downside’s heritage show how monks and nuns lived, what they believed, and reveal how the general public could relate to monastic spirituality. Some of the texts are one-thousand years old.

Monks were among the most educated individuals in the medieval world, so their training was needed in the Church’s mission to convert Europe to Christianity. There were times when monks found themselves in the front lines, where attempts to convert others resulted in their own martyrdom.

This exhibition of Downside’s medieval collections is available to the public on a ticket only basis.

Booking is essential and tickets cost £10 per person. This exhibition takes place every second and fourth Thursday of the month from Thursday January 31st to Thursday 11th April. Included in the ticket price is a tour of the abbey church and the chance to view the exhibition. 

To book your ticket please click here