Time to Reflect

Dom Leo Maidlow Davis has been re-apppointed for a further two years as Prior Administrator to create time and space for the monastic community to reflect with greater freedom on Downside’s life and mission.

Two new members of the Prior’s Council have been appointed from outside the Downside Monastic Community, who will also act as Trustees. Both are monks of the English Benedictine Congregation. Abbot Christopher Jamison, a monk of Worth, will bring his extensive experience as a former Head Master and Abbot, as Director of the National Office for Vocations and founding President of the International Commission on Benedictine Education. Dom Oliver Holt is the Bursar at Douai, who has, in addition, considerable experience in governance. They will join the existing members of the Prior’s Council, Prior Leo Maidlow Davis, Dom James Hood and Dom Anselm Brumwell. In addition the members of the Prior’s Council will be appointing a working party to advise them.

These new appointments will greatly extend the range of expertise and experience that can be provided by the relatively small Downside Community as we plan for the future.