Taunton come to Downside

“Solo Dios basta”: “God alone suffices” was the experience of the Parish of St George from  Taunton on the 15th October 2016, the feast of St Teresa of Avila, when they came on pilgrimage to the Holy Door at Downside.

As one of the last groups in this Jubilee Year of Mercy before we celebrate the Sealing of the Holy Door on 19th November 2016. Fr  David Savoury, a newly ordained priest of the Diocese, came with 27 parishioners and were welcomed by Dom Michael, who looked after them throughout their visit.

Entry through a “holy door” does not only mean coming into a room. In the tradition of the Church the visiting group should gain a “plenary indulgence”. Pope Francis wants us to understand that God’s Mercy is more than pardon and forgiveness; it is a means of enhancing our life now and for the future.

After lunch Dom Michael gave the group a tour of the Abbey Church before they returned to Taunton.