The Ministry of the Printed Word. Scholar Priests of the Twentieth Century


Downside Abbey Press releases a collection of essays exploring the work of eleven priests whose ministry was that of the printed word.

Pope St John Paul II reminded all priests of the need for on-going formation, both pastoral and intellectual; his belief was that pastoral activity needed grounding in assiduous study. With an output that spanned the 19th and 20th centuries, the work of the ‘Scholar Priests’ is considered relevant to the Church today.

The book explores the work of both religious and secular priests, whose studies ranged across fields as diverse as biblical studies, liturgy, philosophy, history, theology and spirituality, including: Cardinal Gasquet OSB, George Tyrell SJ, Bernard Ward, Adrian Fortescue, John Hungerford Pollen SJ, Herbert Thurston SJ, Ronald Knox, Philip Hughes, David Knowles OSB, Christopher Butler OSB, and Frederick Copleston SJ.

Price: £35.00