Science and Spirituality Exhibition

Downside Abbey Archives and Library is pleased to announce the opening of our second collaborative exhibition of 2016, Science and Spirituality: Astronomy and the Benedictine Order, in conjunction with the Herschel Museum, Bath. 

Th exhibition opens on Wednesday 4th May and runs until Monday 12th December. Much of the material on display relates to the Benedictine Bishop Charles Walmesley who was a great astronomer and mathematician and also a friend of William Herschel. 

Items include his pectoral cross, episcopal ring, portrait, letters, as well as his personal notebooks of astronomical readings, and items which are thought to come from the 18th century Bath mission as well as sand clocks belonging to Dom Ethelbert Horne, Downside monk. 

The exhibition promises to be an interesting one, and there will also be talks held throughout the year.