To mark Remembrance Day this year, Downside is planning a week long series of events which will explore the impact of the 20th century’s conflicts on the site from the 10th to the 19th of November. 

Downside, like all areas of the country, was deeply affected by both the world wars with hundreds of Old Gregorians from the school both serving and losing their lives in the conflicts. Many members of the monastic community also served as military chaplains to the forces and carried both physical and mental scars long after they returned home. 

The abbey church here is in part a memorial in itself, with the nave being built in memory of those OGs who gave their lives in the Great War. There are also numerous other memorials and reminders around the building and within the archives of the abbey. As part of this week of events, we will be offering chances to tour the abbey church, see an exhibition of material and take part in an online talk on the stories of some of those OGs who gave their lives. 

You can book onto the tour of the abbey on 15th November by clicking here, and booking details for the online talk will be available very soon. The exhibition will run in the abbey church for the duration of the week of remembrance.