Preorder: Monks in the Military

We are excited to share that the Downside Abbey Press‘ latest book is now available for preorder. 

Monks in the Military: Benedictine Chaplains in the British Armed Forces during the Twentieth Century

Military chaplaincy is an old and honourable aspect of the Catholic priesthood. The ordained man serves those fighting for their country by administering the sacraments and providing the comfort of religion.

In the wars of the twentieth century, many Catholic priests served in the British military as chaplains to the forces and some of these were Benedictine monks.

This is the story of those Benedictines from the abbeys and priories of the English Benedictine Congregation and from British houses of other European Benedictine Congregations who served as chaplains to the British Armed Forces in the twentieth century.

This detailed and moving study takes us from the veldt of South Africa to what Victorian soldiers would have known as the Northwest Frontier − from Cape Colony to Afghanistan.

This book shatters the myth of monks being confined to monastery or cloister.

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Monks in the military book cover