Parish Pastoral Council

The people of the Diocese have, through both the workings of the Diocesan Pastoral Council and the Diocese-wide consultation and with the full support of Bishop Declan, suggested that each parish should establish its own Pastoral Council.  The main purposes of this Council are:

Fr Michael & Fr Leo have set in motion the process of establishing such a Council in this parish and a core group, representing our worshipping community, was asked to put forward proposals for consideration by all parishioners. The group was specifically charged with drafting a suggested mission statement and a process for electing the members of the Parish Council.

Click here to read our Mission Statement, Vision and Proposed Structure.
Click here to read the analysis from our recent Parish Survey.
Click here to read the Minutes from the 10th July 2019 Parish Meeting. Click here to read the Minutes from the 14th August 2019 Parish Meeting. Click here to read the minutes from the 11th September 2019 Parish Meeting. 

Parish Pastoral Council contact details

Fr Michael  
Fr Leo 235107 
Peter Beaven (Chair)  01761 233841 / 07807 26610211am Mass
Liz Avisn.avis@btinternet.com07708 309274  11am Mass
Louise Avis      07511 871730 11am Mass
Tim    01761 47040411am Mass
Liam O’Gorman (Admin)liam.ogorman@glmtrading.com07785 50829011am Mass
Ophelia Prior  
Cathy Wolf 07968 7524699am Mass
John  07875 695094