Over the past year, the community at Downside Abbey has been engaging with social media more and more and in a time of physical distancing, this form of communication is proving to be ever more important as a way of keeping in touch. So we have been putting more videos onto Instagram and Facebook, and you will have found the Masses and some other services on our Soundcloud page.
Last Wednesday saw another first, however! We decided to take the risk of trying a live question and answer session. So, having asked for questions (a challenge that a number of people took up!), we first tried to do this via Facebook. Unfortunately the technology defeated us, but rather than be beaten we switched over to Instagram, which worked beautifully. Dom Anselm and Dom John answered the questions, both from those writing comments and those submitted in advance, and it seemed to be a good session. We will do something similar next month (start of May), so watch out for it. 
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