As people will probably know, Downside Abbey has increased its use of social media during this time of ‘lockdown’, in an attempt to help people remain connected with their faith, the Church and the monastic community.

It has been interesting to note how much engagement with our social media channels (and even listening to the daily Mass) has increased, and surveys indicate that more people are praying and attending on-line services than previously. We have also seen good numbers tuning in to live Prayers for Healing and a Q&A on YouTube and Instagram, and the parish lectio on Zoom begins this week.

Dr Richard Irvine, an anthropologist from St Andrews University, did his research for his doctorate at Downside Abbey on the monastic community and their ‘virtual cloisters’, and has recently published an article about this, which we hope you might find of interest. You can read the article here.

On a related matter, the planned Q&A on YouTube and Instagram Live scheduled for Saturday 9 May has been postponed until 2pm on 16 May, owing to essential work on our servers here! Make sure to follow our social media platforms in the meantime or click here for Mass everyday on our Soundcloud.