The microphones and speakers at Downside Abbey have been of variable quality for a while. Since a public address system was first installed in the 1960’s it has been periodically updated, but over the last couple of years some parts of the system have become well and truly worn out and others were no longer compatible with more modern elements.

If you come to Downside Abbey now you will find that things have changed. Over the last few weeks a new speaker system has been installed thanks to donations and a grant. The new system works with our existing microphones, and anyone coming to Mass or the Divine Office should find a marked difference not only in audibility, but also in the quality of sound and tone.

The church is not exactly a straightforward building to work in (!), and it took the engineers rather longer than they had expected to complete the job, but bar a few tweaks, it is now complete.

The next phase of works in the abbey church will focus on the loop system for the hard of hearing. We do not have infinite financial resources, and would be grateful for any donations to this project, in order that everyone can hear the services at Downside.

Please click here for more information on how to give.