Downside welcomes young Catholics to Vocations Discernment Retreat

What a weekend! A large number of young Catholics met at Downside last weekend to listen to various talks to help them discern to what Vocation they are being called. Fr. Leo and Fr. Anselm were amongst the speakers, as also was Fr. Matt Anscombe, Vocations Director of Clifton Diocese, Sr. Elizabeth Mary Mann of the Monastery of Our Lady and St. Bernard, Sr. Ewa Pliszczak, Missionary Sister of the Servant of the Holy Spirit Community, and Anitra and Chris Rawlins, also of Clifton Diocese.

Working with the Diocese, the Retreat was given extensive publicity both locally and nationally, and many of the young people came some distance to participate. In addition to attending the talks, they joined the Community in the Divine Office and venerated the Blessed Sacrament in the Crypt Chapel for the two nights of their stay. Fr. Boniface took a number of them on a tour of the Abbey and his Relics Cabinet, and Fr. Dominic even treated them to a magic show!

Downside has organised a number of events for young Catholic adults, and included in this programme is a “Monastic Experience Weekend” 2-4 March 2018. To find out more, and to register an interest, please contact Fr. Anselm.