Downside Abbey and Library Tours

Downside Abbey’s Department of Heritage is now running our 2017 guided tours of the Abbey Church and Monastic Library.

If you have never been around the Grade 1 listed neo-gothic Abbey Church or never seen some of our rare collections in the monastery library then 2017 is the time to do it! Join a guided tour of both buildings and learn more about the unique history and heritage of Downside.

Tours last two hours, one hour in each building  and always finish up with a tea or coffee in our Visitor Centre at a cost of £10 per person (click here to read more about the centre.) There is also an option to just visit one building for £5.

We run tours from 10am until 12pm or 2pm until 4pm Monday to Thursday and booking is essential. We can also run out of hours tours if required, providing it does not disrupt the use of the Abbey Church for monastic use. After a morning tour feel free to join the monastic community for their midday office if you would like. 

To find out more about our tours or to book email here. You can read more about the Monastery Library here and the Abbey Church here.