“Divine Renovation” Conference

Fr. Leo and Fr. Michael, were delighted to be able to attend a Conference given by Fr. James Mallon, author of “Divine Renovation: From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish”.

Fr. James’ book, based on his personal, and successful, experience of revitalising his own Church of St. Benedict in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is revolutionising how both Clergy and Laity, in collaboration, think about how Catholic Churches should be organised, and run. He also provides invaluable insights on our primary task as Catholics to evangelise those around us.

Fr. James is a great admirer of St. Benedict, and took time before the Conference began, to speak to both Fr. Leo and Fr. Michael. They were both very much inspired by his talk, and impressed with the great number of delegates attending, all of whom had already read the book. The Community have just finished reading it, and a copy is with St. Benedict’s Pastoral Council for consideration. Anyone who is interested in the Church going forward, is recommended to read it too.

The Conference took place in what was formerly Beaumont Boarding School, run by the Jesuits, although now a hotel. The break was most enjoyable in these surroundings, although it was sad to see the old chapel being used as a dining room!