People come from all over the Diocese came to Downside Abbey last week for our the Summer Recollection Day, stewarded by Dom Anselm.

A series of Days of Recollection have taken place at Downside Abbey for many years and are a wonderful way for different people from the Diocese to come together and celebrate their faith.

A speaker, usually a monk of Downside or a priest of the Diocese, will give talks on a topic of their choice, celebrate Mass and hear confessions. This time, Dom Anselm stepped up to the mark. Although not among his usual topics, he spoke on the Holy Trinity, trying to explain the teaching of St Augustine. Then, for his second talk, discussed how the Trinity has an influence on the Christian life.

The participants were very appreciative and we all look forward to the next Day of Recollection in September, which will be advertised on the Events section of our website in due course.