This year’s Corpus Christi Vespers and Blessed Sacrament Procession at Downside Abbey in Somerset built on the success of previous years.

We sang Vespers in St Benedict’s Church in Stratton-on-the-Fosse village with a mixture of Latin and English texts, so that the whole congregation could sing along – and they did! Special thanks must go to those who arrived early for a run-through in order to ensure that they knew the melodies.

Despite the threat of rain the church was full, and the drops of rain were not able to dampen the enthusiastic sings of old favourites, such as ‘Sweet Sacrament Divine’, ‘Soul of My Saviour’, and ‘Sweet Heart of Jesus’, the strains of which surprised some of our neighbours and those driving through Stratton!

Benediction took place in Downside Abbey Church, where we saw how firmly the ‘Tantum Ergo’ and ‘Salve Regina’ are placed in the soul! Many thanks to everyone who came along, and we look forward to a re-run next year.

Click here to listen the Homily and Gospel from the Mass.