Br John working with BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 have been at Downside recently working with Br John as part of a new series of podcasts they are producing. 

Br John spent two days working with the team from the BBC as they followed him on his daily life for a podcast which explores young people who have chosen different lifestyles. As a Benedictine monk, Br John’s vocation has attracted attention from Radio 1 and they were keen to speak to him about it. 

The team were with Br John as he worked in the monastery library, helped in the monastic gardens, studied in the novitiate and they also joined the monastic community for their daily offices and meals. Exploring the daily routine of a Benedictine monk is probably something that a lot of people would not know of, so for Br John to give an insight into his life was an exciting opportunity for the Radio 1 team. 

The podcast will be accompanied by a short YouTube video as well, so Br John was not only recorded he was filmed too! Fr Leo, the prior administrator was also included in the work in the monastic gardens, so Br John didn’t take all the limelight! 

When we know the date of the broadcast of the programme, we will share it here on the website.