Monastic Guesthouse

Downside Abbey Guest Department 

We regret that the guest department is now closed. We hope to re-open, but for the present we must think first of the safety of our guests, monastic community and staff, some of whom are vulnerable. As soon as we can receive guests once more,  we will post an announcement on this site. Guests are an important way for the monks to serve Christ and we look forward to welcoming you again.

The Downside Community welcomes guests for both retreat and spiritual renewal. We have a number of en – suite Guest Rooms which can be booked through the Guest Master.

Meals are taken with the Monastic Community in the Refectory and are usually taken in silence.

Guests are welcome to join the Monastic Community in the Daily Office.

If you wish to enquire about availability or find out more information on visiting, please do not hesitate to contact the Guest Master here.  Accommodation must to be arranged prior to visiting.

In place of a Tariff, we ask that you donate what you feel you can afford.

Please note that whilst groups are welcome in our group accommodation, at present, the Monastery Guesthouse is only able to accommodate male guests