Monastic Retreats

For men aged 18 – 35 – If you are trying to think about your faith, you are welcome to visit the Monastery and to stay in the Guest House, either for one of our Monastic Experience retreats or at any other time.

As part of our Benedictine work we welcome guests and try to share with them the wisdom of the monastic tradition, the peace of the Monastery and its grounds, as well as our common life of prayer and worship.

You may be thinking about your life and the kind of shape it needs to take in response to God. You may already be reflecting on how God is calling you to serve Him, and how to deepen the life of prayer we need to do so. You may be exploring the question of vocation to the Catholic priesthood or religious life.
Wherever you are on your journey, the experience of monastic life can be a source of nourishment, a time to consider the path you are on, and look ahead to the next step.

If you are interested in having an experience of the monastic life at Downside, whether in a private retreat or as part of a Monastic Experience retreat, then please contact Dom Anselm.