For the past year Downside Abbey in Somerset has been participating in the Klosterzeit project, organised by Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland.

The project enables young men to spend six months in Benedictine abbeys in different parts of the world. The volunteers take part in aspects of monastic life in the communities and help with a variety of tasks, giving them the opportunity to engage with monks, members of staff and to experience the wide range of activities that make up monastic life in the 21st century.

Micha, from Switzerland, spent three months with us and has just left. He came to much of the community prayer, to silent meals in our monastic refectory, and did a lot of work in the grounds in particular, as well as asking plenty of penetrating questions about the meaning of monastic life and Catholic theology and practice.

We wish him well as he returns to Switzerland and the very different life of a mechanical engineer! You can hear an interview with Micha here and click here to visit his blog.

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