Monastery Archive Discoveries – Discovery Week 2

This week in the monastery archives we have discovered more material relating to Francis Joseph Baigent (1831-1918) who was an antiquarian. Much of Baigent’s material here at Downside is already catalogued but more material has been discovered and is waiting to be processed by our volunteer team

Discovered alongside the Baigent material was a box with the name Richard Runciman Terry on. Terry (1865-1938) was Director of Music here at Downside from 1896-1901 before taking the same role at the newly opened Westminster Cathedral. The box here contains books of music by Wagner and Handel and a book of motets, for which Terry was famous. 

We also keep finding more of the caricatures created by Dom Hubert Van Zeller in the photographic archives of his brother, Dom Simon. These drawings mainly show members of the Downside community, but one found recently seems to show their father.