As the country continues in lockdown and physical distancing, life carries on at Downside Abbey, as it does everywhere else!

Easter Week was, as usual, a time of greater relaxation with talking at meals, a barbecue cooked by Dom James and Br Hugh and the start of the 1980s series of “Brideshead Revisited”. We have now returned to silent meals, with reading of “Truly Seeking God” by Bernard Bonowitz OCSO, an excellent guide to monastic life and how its principles can be applied to daily life outside the monastery as well. Those working in nearby schools have started work again, but the parish work continues to be done by telephone and e-mail, rather than in person.

The BBC showed more interest in our physical distancing, and Mel Everett spoke to Dom Anselm about this on Sunday afternoon and you can click here to listen to it, go to one hour 39 minutes in.

Of course the principle work of a Benedictine community continues day in, day out: the celebration of the Divine Office and Mass. You can hear the Mass each day by clicking here.

Do continue to let us know of any prayer requests here, or send us Mass stipends as desired.